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Lessons in Guitar Mastery

April 07, 2014
Lessons in Guitar Mastery
Salon de Ning is delighted to welcome back Hong Kong's home-grown guitar supremo, Eugene Pao, who returns for a second round of spellbinding performances with his session musicians, every Wednesday night from 2 April until 25 June, from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Salon de Ning’s very own muse and diva, Madame Ning, put down her feathers for an audience with the maestro himself to find out what has inspired his hotly anticipated return to the stage on Wednesday nights. 

Madame Ning: How does it feel to be back for a second season on the sumptuous stage at Salon de Ning?

Eugene Pao: I had such a great time before so I'm really looking forward to starting up again at Salon De Ning. Thanks so much for having me back.

Madame Ning: What do you enjoy most about playing in small clubs?
Eugene Pao: The intimacy of a small club allows for better connection with the audience.  They can easily see and feel how the musicians communicate on stage and give more back as a result.  

Madame Ning: Do you vary your “Friends” ie: your set musicians for every show?
Eugene Pao: Not that much, because these guys know me so well musically, and we have worked together for so long, they know each “move” I make and will be there to support me with the right chords. It’s great to play with musicians that I have such a strong history and rapport with. That said, I do hope to have some surprise appearances during this second season at Salon de Ning.

Madame Ning: What inspires you in an audience when you’re playing?
Eugene Pao: When we have a great audience, they inspire us to play better, which hopefully makes the audience happier, more enthusiastic and more involved. It’s a give and take exchange process.

Madame Ning: What do you like most about the Hong Kong music scene?
Eugene Pao: The Hong Kong music scene is actually rather limited to Canto-pop music. It is therefore so encouraging to have a place like Salon De Ning presenting a Jazz night, giving this type of more creative music a chance to reach a wider audience on a regular basis.