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A Modern Interpretation of French Classics Gaddi's

Cuisine Type French Location 1/F (take the dedicated elevator from The Peninsula Arcade entrance adjacent to Nathan Road) Hours
Lunch 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm 
Dinner 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

+852 2696 6763

Dress Code
Lunch : Business casual - Please refrain from wearing torn jeans, athleisure/sportswear or sandals.  

Dinner : Elegant attire  -Please refrain from wearing jeans, sports attire or sandals. Closed-toed shoes, long trousers and long-sleeved/collared shirts are required for gentlemen.

Lunch: Business Casual

Dinner: Elegant attire suggested

Hong Kong and the rest of the world has been wining and dining at Gaddi's for over 65 years; the first restaurant in the East to serve up exquisite European cuisine, with a dining room replete with opulent embellishments that constitute a restaurant of indisputable excellence.


Gaddi’s welcomes children aged 6 years old and above for lunch and dinner every day. In addition, toddlers aged 3 years old and above are welcome for lunch, on weekends and public holidays.

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Meet The Chef Xavier Boyer

Following an illustrious Michelin-starred career that has seen him through some of the world’s most renowned gastronomic capitals, culinary maestro Xavier Boyer has landed at The Peninsula Hong Kong as Chef at Gaddi’s. Boyer brings his self-described “modern-classic” culinary style to the venerated French fine dining destination, with a less-is-more approach to cooking that allows the curated flavours of each dish to shine.
Peninsula Hong Kong Gaddis Chef Xavier Boyer
Peninsula Hong Kong Gaddis Dish Peninsula Hong Kong Gaddis Festive Menu 2017: Duo of beetroot - carpaccio and jelly with essence of black truffle
Serving up a culinary style he describes as “modern classic”, Chef Boyer is a proponent of the less-is-more school of cooking, preferring to allow the carefully selected flavours in each dish to shine through.
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