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Meet The Chef

Peninsula Hong Kong Spring Moon Chef Gordon Leung
Chef Gordon Leung

Chef Gordon Leung’s culinary journey began at the tender age of 18, when he left the shores of Hong Kong to follow his older brother across the pond to Germany. Hardworking and curious by nature, Leung began working in Chinese restaurants during his time overseas, quickly learning to adapt his cooking style to different palates while adding to his growing repertoire of classic Cantonese dishes. 

Upon returning to Hong Kong, Chef Leung joined the kitchens of Fook Lam Moon, one of the city’s most hallowed Cantonese destinations. He began as a stove cook, but Leung’s undeniable talent and skill would see him progress quickly through every station in the kitchen. From dim sum to Chinese barbeque and eventually the wok station – a personal favourite – Leung would go on to cook for the city’s most respected tycoons and celebrities as Fook Lam Moon’s revered Head Chef.

A 21-year tenure at Fook Lam Moon served to cement Leung’s status as one of Hong Kong’s leading experts in Cantonese cooking, while continued passion for his craft means he continues to refine his skills and seek out inspiration. Leung believes in a ground up approach that brings him to the wet markets frequently, as he scouts out the freshest, seasonal ingredients available. 

Chef Leung brings an incredible attention to detail and wealth of knowledge to his position as Chinese Cuisine Executive Chef at The Peninsula, where his devotion to preserving the honesty in Chinese ingredients and traditional dishes earned Spring Moon a Michelin star in 2017. Leung endeavours to uphold his discerning standards of excellence to attract both loyal and new followers to Spring Moon.